What is B E S T ?

Total BEST is the core philosophy and cornerstone for everything we do. The Total BEST strategy is anchored by the BEST Disciplines – Balance, Excellence, Service, and Truth. Total BEST strategically helps you make the best decisions and right choices to navigate life and achieve your full potential: your BEST in every area of life. Your best effort will be the most effective when you use the Total BEST strategy to master the BEST Disciplines during your lifelong quest – what we like to call the BEST Adventure!

Pursue Balance – Strive to keep your whole life – personal and relational – working together in harmony for the intended purpose and the greater good of the whole. Understand that success in one area cannot come through the neglect or failure in another. Are you pursuing balance?

Achieve Excellence – Set and keep high standards in your whole life – personal and relational – as to quality of life, character, skills, and performance. This is about going above and beyond what is expected or going the extra mile in character and performance. Are you achieving excellence?

Maximize Service – Assist others in your whole life to the fullest extent possible, doing things which are helpful and beneficial to them and that enrich everyone involved in the relationships. Are you maximizing service?

Promote Truth – Be truthful, genuine, honest, trustworthy, wise and wholesome in your whole life – private and public – and encourage others to live the same way. Are you promoting truth?